The Shell EP

by Ease of Disgust



Debut EP


released July 7, 2009

Andrei Kuklin - Vocals
Gennadiy Savvin - Guitar
Alexey Sazhin - Guitar
Ruben Gevorkian - Bass
Anton Samokhvalov - Drums



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Ease of Disgust Moscow, Russia

Metal band from Moscow, Russia

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Track Name: Save Your Mercy For The Lepers
Merciful guiders
Defenders for weak
Fate Deciders

Fuck you all
Save your fucking kindness for the ones you always told
All the shit that make them live their lives in misery
Make them being enslaved
Being depraved

You are worshipped like a hand-made god
You are the light that make them blind
Showing the truth and showing the way
But seems your roads are going nowhere

Save your breath
Save Your faith
Save your breath for the ones you deceive
Save your faith for the ones who believe

Fuck your conformity
Fuck your hypocrisy
Save me

Lie to my face
With your filthy disgrace
Lie to my face with your filthy disgrace
Lie to my face with your fucking filthy false shit

Save your mercy for the lepers

Ill just close myself
To escape beneath
Your defiling lies
Drowned in disbelief

Drowned in disbelief
Track Name: Rot In Amphitheatre
Come on! Dont be shy!
Lacerate those who`s crossing your way
Go on - dont fucking stop!
Gnaw their throats till the bloodstained face

Cut through your way to domination

And fuck the morale, fuck the mercy
You`re not a human anymore so throw away these noises
You`ll never stop to kill anyone beside
You`ll have no hesitation to feed your pride

They wount stop you to reach the top
They wount stop you to become a lord
Of these fucking slimes


Forget your ability of thinking clearly
Forget your humanity, forget your feelings

They are none but the pieces of rivalrous meat
All of them are not a price for your triumph of kill
Look at your enemies through the eyes full of blood
You cant control yourself anymore so start the massacre

To Crawl

No regret, no one will say you were wrong
So just forget all the victims of your rotten soul
Of your fucking ego

No one can stop you now
No one can stop you now
And forever
Track Name: Approaching The End
Wait for your everyday portion of lies
Addicted to self brain demise
Distortion emphasizes irreality

Pray this life
Cause that’s the only way you see this life
Cause that’s the only way you learn to be a human-being
Without humanity

Hypnotized, necrotised
Dehumanized, fucking lobotomized

Runs through your veins
Affects your brains
Downgrades the consciousness itself
Inside digits
That makes you see
Your own indignity

Told how to live, how to die
How to waste your fucking time
How to be just one more stone within the church of

Approaching the end with the smile of a friend
Leading straight to the abyss of void
Making your eyes insensate to the lights
To the borders of sickening truth


Pray this life
Cause that’s the only way you see this life
Cause that’s the only way you learn to be a human-being
Without your fucking humanity

To close your eyes
To realize
To see what you’ve become
Track Name: Running For Torment
Break through the walls, run not to be eaten
Dont be too late, have a chance to repeat it
More and more
Every day
Run away
And pray

And run

But just dont lie again, dont fucking tell you dislike it
Again and again you keep raping yourself
Crawling through pain for the sake of nothing
To be humiliated when you fail

To stop
Your stupid ambitions
To like
This pointless pain
To keep
Your borders and definitions
To Live
One more wasted day

To live just one more fucking day

Nothing to gain, addicted to pain
You cannot stop this anyway
Loosing yourself and having nothing to say
You got used to dying in vain

Wasting your life dying in vain

More and more
Every day
Running for torment
Every motherfucking day

Humiliation is all that you need
Drowning in suffer voluntary
Every time loosing all that you had
Scattered to the very beginning

So fuck it! Forget the offense!
Arise from the dirt and try to stand
Wipe the blood on your fucking face
Ready to run? - Your torment awaits!
Track Name: The Shell
I dont need
Your fucking world
I am happy cause
I`ve got my own
I don`t breathe, I am cold
I am dead to this world

I live in the shell
It`s my Eden

Let me go
Just let me go
Get the fuck away from me

Let me go
To my shelter
To this abnormity
I call my world

No more lights, no more sounds
No more senses that make us fall
No more torporific values
That`s enough

I will fall into sleep
I will hide really deep
In subconscious dreams
In my own hell within my shell

I will leave you there
Among the ruins of your world
I will disappear
Mured in my tomb
Fuck your resemblance of life
Fuck your attempt to enslave me there
I will better condemn myself
To be trapped within my shell

I will never live again

Forever trapped in the cell of my mind
It will protect from the pain that you hide
In your fucking hands
In your filthy heart
The pain that you call your life

You wount see when it will be too late
You wount stop to make the last step down

And death starts it`s countdown

And I`ll stay here
In my shell
Dead to you
In my shell