Exceeding the Verge EP

by Ease of Disgust



released August 18, 2011

Daniil Orlov - volals
Gennadiy Savvin - guitar
Alexey Sazhin - Guitar
Andrey Disterov - Bass
Anton Samokhvalov - Drums



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Ease of Disgust Moscow, Russia

Metal band from Moscow, Russia

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Track Name: Exceeding the Verge
You all are children of depression
Brought up by fruits of senility
Grinding your teeth you’re watching as the mighty falls
The triumph of the exhausted

And now I see you
These loathsome grimaces merge into single laughter
You’re rolling down to the verge of agony,
And standing on the brink of despair
You birth the void, devouring light

Fetters of oppression twin around my wrists
And all your fears are embodied in me

Blind crowd doesn’t see those verges
That I feel that the world keeps inside

You’ll never reach the cleansing of your souls
Only sound of insanity resounds in your head
And your lives don’t cost even the grain of mine

Cast me into the dungeon
And Imprison under thousands of locks
These all is the end to you
But to me it’s the beginning

My mind is endless
I see the universe inside out
I traced remains in the eternity
You call it felony
Eternal fright in your eyes
I see myself in it
I am your decease

You’re feeble in the face of my origin
Destroying the light, you’re drowning in dark
Lonely breed, swallowing dust of time,
Will never arrive at the gospel’s truth

You will devour each other in the end
Taking your loneliness in your fucking graves
Eternal void will take you inside, take you inside itself, you fucking cowards
And only then the light will shed on the face of eternity
Track Name: I, The Prophecy
Darkness spreads around
Fever goes through your skin
And now it's time to

Light up this dark and come from the cloaking haze
I want to see every face of yours
And now I summon exiles, emperors, beggars and monarchs
It’s time to leave your thrones and
Forget your slums of poverty
Come closer now and listen to me
You see the fire in my eyes
It’s providence

You arise from the depths and walk down from the blackened sky

I speak your fate
I, the prophecy
This world’s on the tip of my tongue
I know the way
I, the prophecy
Existence's in my arms

I lead you through the future of the world
The truth is clear to me
The ground is trembling under your legs
The dust of time will arise

The great changing is coming forth

Be ready or eternity will devour you
And even a dumb won’t be silence
Your kingdoms, your empires
Will fall down as soon as the time will
Dictate its own will and conquer you

I am, I, the prophecy
I speak, I speak your destiny
I am, I, the prophecy
I will open your eyes

The fallen will rise
But tyrants will be gnawing the bones in their fucking cages
And every fucking thing on this earth has its own end,
Power, authority, feelings and existence
Only the universe will see the end of time
Track Name: End Of Frailty
Swamp and only this swamp surrounds me
My mind doesn't control myself
I feel spasm
And only this pain feeds my head
Like pack of wolves
Flash of cold light inside my eyes
I can't discern these colors anymore

Shivering and cramp of the world
Its life became black and white
Insane shroud spreads around me
Covering myself with white rags
I throw myself into a reckless dance
With my madness

Laugh dwells in my head
There is no reason for body to exist
Pain you've became my guiding star
Only you only me
My blood changed color
And its flow is lost
My eyes will stop dead in ice of essence

Now I move ahead
In this place sun doesn't shine
And I dive into heaven
Far away from rotten frailty
The movement of the time can't be stopped
I go in the place with no pain and no stink
And now I can see, I can see everything
Eternity calls me a son
I left my fetters
And now I'm not blind
Now I can see

Here my inmost dreams lie
I see a lonely waterfall
I'm walking towards it
I'm smiling, I'm smiling
It will keep my reflection
Forever you will always meet
Me in these gray waters
You'll feel my pacification