by Ease of Disgust



released October 11, 2010

"Chaos" was recorded during the August and September in 2010 at the LT Records Studio in Moscow, Russia

Engineered by Nikolay Vengrzhanovich & Anastasia Krasikova
Produced by Ease Of Disgust & Nikolay Bazhenov
Mixed & mastered by Nikolay Bazhenov

All materials composed and performed by Ease of Disgust with the exception of the songs "Constructed" which features guest solo from Egor Averianov (Sfumato,ex-Bezumnie Usilia) and "Abyss Revelations" which features guest solo from Danila Anokhin(ex-Juggernaut, ex-Esgharioth)

Guest vocals:
Andrey Averchenkov(My Autumn) on track "Interrupt The Collision"
Ardentis (Stardown) on tracks "Sanity Devoured", "Turned To Malice"
Shura (Kangaz Korva) on track "Between Nowhere And Never Pt. I"

Lirics written by Alexey Sazhin(songs 1,4,6,7,11), Daniil Orlov(songs 2,8,10), Andrey Kuklin(songs 3,5)
Music by Alexey Sazhin(songs 1,4,5,6,7,9,11) & Gennadiy Savvin (songs 2,3,8,10)

Artwork and Layout by Remy.C
Band photo: Ilya Benton

Daniil Orlov (vocals)
Gennadiy Savvin (guitar)
Alexey Sazhin (guitar, acoustic)
Andrey Kuklin (bass, vocals)
Anton Samokhvalov (drums)

Ease of Disgust are proudly endorsed by ESP guitars, Schecter guitars, Masterwork cymbals, Peace drums, Iron Fist clothes



all rights reserved


Ease of Disgust Moscow, Russia

Metal band from Moscow, Russia

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Track Name: Abyss Revelations
What do you feel falling into the darkest sleep?
So tell me now what, what would u feel if u could walk through the spaces on the path made of your dreams?

All of you chose the wrong path
You'll never see those verges that I feel
Your eyes are blinded
Walleye covers your faces
This damnation will never end

I don’t need the answer
I know it exactly
You see only shadows of yours

You have to pray to avoid this place which gives birth to fear in your hearts
And u will try to sleep again and again
With cold sweat on your faces

And immersing in your worlds
I reject myself discovering my ego!
I see everything
All the colors
I didn’t forget your name

The time stops again and again
It dominates my underself no more

Summoning all the demons from the abyss
I will give all forbidden fruits of my life
For the chance to touch the great knowledge of dark matter

How could ancestors exchange this path
And start to build the new world around?

You betrayed us
You betrayed yourselves for the sake of gold
Killing fear and infinite weakness are our legacy right now
Only hatred will remain inside us
Will remain in our hearts
Track Name: Interrupt the Collision
And now I am ready to fight against your filthy existence
Look at the new face of our infected humanity
And now it's covered with rivers of hatred!
Their hearts are captured by blackthorn of lies
And eyes are blinded by unfaithful morals!
You see I hurt my bleeding arms with splinters of dying truth!

Show me your empty gods,
Who rule your life completely
Who keep your souls in cage
And kill your pure dreams!

I’ll never drown in your ocean of vice!

And now I am ready to fight
Against your filthy existence
I’ve got justice inside my veins!
And now I am ready to cut the borders of wrong morality
Which includes every of you!

And I feel as the great depression devours the hearts of millions!

I know, I’m not the one
Man searching for solution
To this mankind disease
Infecting our society
Destroying the mercy inside all of us
We must unite our strength
In the face of this abnormality!
We are the gospel defenders
Those who struggle for freedom!

And now I am ready to fight
Against your filthy existence
I’ve got justice inside my veins!
Track Name: Constructed
I see one more
Empty shell with no esteem
Who breathes and walks
And forms our new society
I see a spineless slave under control
The same like legions of ignorant clones

Look into my eyes and tell

Can you remember who the fuck you are
So-called human being with artificial mind
Can you remember the white light in front of your eyes
When they just turned you on
When they were playing gods

Where`s your life?
What`s the point of your existence here?
You were constructed
Where`s your soul?
What makes you an identity?
You were constructed

What do you know
About the new skin
Sewn to you
Upon your scars
How it`s like
To be assembled
Instead of being alive

You`re smiling
With bleeding stab wounds
With mouth full of blood
But bleeding
Still doesn`t make you a human
Until you`re a toy
In the hands of your gods

Who gave you all that you`ve got but your own life

Who made you all
Who bred your genes
Who webbed your tissues
And strained your skin

They crushed down your integrity
Pushing it through
They deprived you of your will power
They just had you

Track Name: Between Nowhere and Never Pt. I
Aching pain pierces through my head
My loneliness is the pay for the gift
I was conferred by the gods
After my endless wandering among people

I wandered through the worlds
Looked at the faces and tried to understand and find
Anyanswers forthe questions the chaos asks mere mortals

Realization came to me in my prophetic dreams

Breathers are self-destructive as
They live in illusive worlds
Creating ephemeral dales they are afraid ofthe doom
They hide themselves in lots of empty dogmas and laws
They eliminate this realm right here and right now

They are stuck in the swamp of obscure ignorance
Between nowhere and never
Within the ice of ancestry mind

The blizzard is coming, it will bring the pain youdeserve
And I hear screaming through the howling of wind

Aching pain pierce through my head
My loneliness is the pay for the gift
I was conferred by the gods

Oh, Lords of time
Your damnation has become my gift
To see the world in two colors
Watching the life fades

Sensing dark eternity of this dead silence
Far away from disgusting hypocrisy
Track Name: Illuminate
Eternal mazes of time
Are enveloped in darkness of riddles
And now they are illuminated
With the false prophet’s light
And all the human race
Are fed to the lies on the surface

They don’t want to see the gospel
Even under sunlight
You should think your own way
You’ve got the only truth in your pure heart
Keep it out from winds of lust
And save it inside of you

Your mind is fully blind
You’ve got no your own thoughts
And grasp another's views
Not seeing the difference

You refused to see the starlight of time
Which leads us to the truth

We speak no word, we keep the silence
Picking the bones thrown from above
Your eyes are blinded, you hear no sounds
You grope your way in the darkness

Turn on the light of sacred fairness
And destroy the borders on your way
The voice of hatred will move you ahead
And no one can stop you now!

And wipe out this darkness

The war of minds
Will overflow this world
Full of ignorance, full of filthy lust
And the ground will be shuddered
By trample of mindless machines

And if you don’t want the world to be confined
Open your eyes and break through the shell
The universe is waiting for the truth!
Track Name: Kaos
Chaos can be revealed throughout the existence, within the ultimate and the least creations
Chaos is an element of any ambience, of universe, of our world and of a man
It exists in absolute nothingness, in nihility, which can not be imagined with the mind of a human
Chaos is multidimensional and simultaneously has no dimension
It contains time and timelessness, space and it`s absence
It is the beginning of everything; all being was created from Chaos
All that exists has came out of Chaos, it`s everything and nothing at the same time
Chaos is it`s own beginning and it`s own creation, which creates and destroys in it`s infinite formation
Chaos is a zero dimension, which holds all revealed and unrevealed dimensions within itself
Chaos is eternal progress and lawless formation, and cosmos wishes to bound it with it`s limited forms
The lawlessness of Chaos is not chained by the laws of causality, stability and boundedness of space structures
Evolution is an instrument of Chaos to accelerate the returning of everything into Chaos, and stagnation – is a mean of Cosmos to retain everything in it`s bounded shape, law and structure
Track Name: Disincarnate
The time to wake up is now!
Open your mind and wipe eternal sleep off your faded eyes enveloped in the ignorance
The howl of arms will destroy and smash the glass cradle of your dreams full of delusion
And our despair causes the global fear which gains its power

The wave of outrage
Forms the new politics of terror
And dictates its own will to you

Remnants of souls will suffocate in blazing fire of genocide!

You hear new command from the jaws of war and
Your blinded mind is reprogrammed
To kill
To destroy
To sell your own feelings
Just to be a silent puppet in their hands!

Do you feel the smell of this cutting lie?
It twists your flesh with its sharpened claws

You've got no life
You're disincarnate
You've got no soul
You are...

We destroyed ourselves, and consumed our lives in this world of corruption and graceless demise
We destroyed our future and brought up the pain, we are disease of this planet, we are insane!
Track Name: Between Nowhere and Never Pt. 2
The wires of suffering cover your exhausted body
And painful anguish exterminates your corrupted soul

This is the day of reckoning

I see eternal terror in your scared eyes
And they are glaring twinge of remorse
You used people as servants of you
So now it’s time for cleansing of your sins
Cleansing of sins

This is the day of reckoning
This is the sorrow you deserve

And you will not escape the punishment of justice
All the vices will be condemned
The voice of fairness will break the silence
And all the sinners will become deaf

You killed fates of thousands and deprived their own lives
The main target of your life was enriching yourself
You’ve turned into the beast devouring mores
And destroying the truth

But I hear the hymn of revenge
It’s conducted by the grassroots
They’ve got vendetta in their hearts
And now it’s time for you to cry for mercy
To pray for forgiveness
So fall to your knees
And close your fucking eyes
Recall all the pain you created
They will visit retribution on you!

And you will not escape the punishment of justice
All the vices will be condemned
The voice of fairness will break the silence
And all the sinners will become deaf

The wires of suffering cover your exhausted body
And painful anguish exterminates your soul
You’re full of sickness, you’re destructed
And burnt by the flame of disdain

I see eternal terror in your scared eyes
And they are glaring twinge of remorse
You used people as servants of you
So now it’s time for cleansing of your sins
Track Name: Sorrow You Deserve
The beams are coming through
As soon as they touch me
My body is just a black spot in your eyes
I’ve got no shadow on this burning ground
I feel something inside of me

I can pass through
All visible obstacles
And no one can
Hold me now
I will follow my path

Everything that my eyes can see
Does not matter no more
This is a feast in the times of plague
Only lies and envy
So look in the mirror and see your ugly faces
They are drown in the waters of fallen

You reached the limit of your lives
And turned light into the darkness
Now your smiling faces are just like this
Jackal masks on your napes and
Everything is changed otherwise
And no one is able
To see the flame of truth right now
It` s just a flat reflection of reality

I have found myself!
I have refused my conscious ego
And dissolve myself in Your knowledge of eternity!
And hatred fills my lungs

And if you are the light I’ll stay on the other side

The screams of pain are overfilling my head
And hate has occupied my heart
So look inside me and see my flame
It blazes in me
It gathers all the damned around me

So stay saint so long
I wish to see you crucified
For my sins
I want to see my hands
Imbued with your deeds
With your blessing deeds
Track Name: Turned to Malice
Slaughterhouse under blood-red skies
Tongues of flame cremating piles of dead bodies
Skinless dead faces covered with flies
Are smiling direly

No single piece
Of human flesh
Just only remnants of bodies, just only bones
Scraped out with teeth of starving carnivores

I saw them devouring each other
Disemboweling bodies which were still alive
I saw them feeding their hunger
As they destroyed their cities and drowned them in blood

Hunger has killed all our compassion
And now our sanity is fed to instincts
Hunger consumed something vital what made us humane
And now we hunt and eat ourselves

I don`t want
To become
One of you
I`m so scared
To lose
And fall
I can feel
Cutting pain
I can hear
Starving voice
Which tells
I`ve got
No choice

I don`t want to become one of you
I am so scared to lose control
As long as I breathe I will stand my ground
I will leash my hunger before I`m consumed
From the inside
Before my mind is hazed with blood
Before I betray myself

Before I erase myself

Before I
Paint the floor with your bloody traces
Break your limbs and mutilate your faces
Tear your skin and push my hands into your guts
And then I start

Slaughterhouse under blood-red skies
Tongues of flame incinerating the dead
Skinless dead faces covered with flies
Will never see
What I’m going to do with you all
Fucking cattle